Although the Kaskados Piano Trio started playing together in 1997, yet its members, Albina Šikšniūtė (piano), Rusnė Mataitytė (violin) and Edmundas Kulikauskas (cello), have been prominent as soloists and members of other chamber music ensembles well before that time. Joining together into a regularly performing ensemble, with a repertoire demanding highly professional skills, was a crucial and ambitious step in the careers of the three musicians, given their active participation in other spheres of musical life. All three musicians are closely related by the experience they gained during their studies at the Moscow Conservatoire. Mataitytė and Šikšniūtė even performed as a duet during their five-year postgraduate studies there. The birth of the Kaskados Piano Trio was a natural result stemming from their times together and their shared experiences and deeply rooted in the musician’s inner demand to play in an ensemble. The Trio has quickly become one of the most prolific chamber music ensembles in Lithuania participating at all principal music festivals such as Gaida, the St. Christopher Summer Festival, the Thomas Mann Festival, Permainu muzika, Iš arti and the Pažaislis Festival. The trio has also toured in Austria, Germany, Russia, Belorussia, Sweden, Poland and Japan The year 2002 was particularly successful to the Trio as they won the First Prize at the 9th International Johannes Brahms Chamber Music Competition in Portschach, Austria. In 2005  the Kaskados Trio were awarded the Golden Disc prize by the Lithuanian Musical Society.

Lithuanian audiences follow the Trio performances with great interest and anticipation. The highlights of the last few seasons were a complete cycle of Beethoven’s piano trios as well as all Brahms trios and piano quartets. As well as playing chamber music the Trio participates in larger projects, the most notable of which was the performance of the Beethoven’s Concerto for violin, cello and piano in C major with the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra. Recently the Kaskados Trio undertook a number of innovative projects in which contemporary Lithuanian chamber music was combined with on-stage improvisations by the famous Lithuanian artist Stasys Eidrigevicius and multi-media artists Saulius Valius and Daumantas Plechavicius.

The Trio embraces music from all periods with traditional Romantic repertoire forming the core and, according to the musicians, played with particular enthusiasm. Apart from this, a significant proportion of the Trio’s interpretational energy is devoted to modern Lithuanian music. New pieces by contemporary Lithuanian composers appear in their repertoire every year. The trio has formed creative links with a number of composers who appreciate their professional skills and artistic imagination. Loreta Narvilaitė , Algirdas Martinaitis, Ramūnas Motiekaitis and  Jurgis Juozapaitis have written new pieces for the ensemble, while Osvaldas Balakauskas, Feliksas Bajoras and Bronius Kutavičius, Arvydas Malcys, Vidmantas Bartulis and Anatolijus Šenderovas have made transcriptions of their earlier works for the Trio. Algirdas Martinaitis composed Triple Concerto for the Kaskados trio and Chamber orchestra. Kaskados trio also has a longstanding collaboration with a British composer Sadie Harrisson and made a CD recording of her works released by the NMC label.

The distinct style of the Kaskados Piano Trio has been widely acknowledged by both Lithuanian and foreign critics. It  encompasses harmony and integrity, the striking combination of expressive approaches, strict stylistic orientation, deep understanding of the sound qualities of all three instruments and precise and firm performance technique.

Kaskados piano trio has made numerous recordings for the Lithuanian and European Radio; they also appeared on the Lithuanian and Polish TV.