“In the performance of Felix Mendelssohn, members of the trio revealed the best of their interpretation: clear, consistent and pronounced delivery of themes, gracefulness of classical structures, perfect coordination of the ensemble and utmost precision of rhythmic execution and intonation. That was a striking display of the spectacular, wonderful, brilliant and virtuosic musicianship.”

Vytautė Markeliūnienė, Literatūra ir menas, 28 March 2008


“One can praise this ensemble endlessly for its clarity of intonation, precise delivery of the ‘musical text,’ and an amazing unanimity of the ensemble. These qualities, often mentioned in the reviews, with reference to the world-class virtuosi, appeared unsurpassable when I heard the Kaskados perform in concert. I loved not only their perfectionism as professionals, but also that contagious fever characteristic of their interpretation – that deep and at the same time nimble feel of music – which the public never fails to appreciate.”

Danguolė Vilidaitė, „Klaipėda daily“, 2009-03-25


“... The amazing Kaskados Piano Trio came from Lithuania. They gave a wonderful performance of illustrative, programmatic music by Bronius Kutavičius, which seems to be written according to the rules of contemporary composition but is really grounded on Lithuanian folk music. They also presented a superb rendition of Felix Mendelssohn’s Trio in C minor, op. 66, replete with romantic emotions. It is in this work that the music lovers could distinguish between the sacrum and the profanum of the composer’s style, when the emotional bustle of the piece turned into a mellifluous Prayer in the final movement that the Lithuanian instrumentalists conveyed in passionate and beautiful tones.”

Leszek Bończuk, Kurier Szczecinski 17 August 2009