Lithuanian Composers Works

Bajoras F.    Momenti sacri
Balakauskas O.    Nine Springs

Šenderovas A.    Song and Dance
Germanavicius V. Flaking  arches
Juozapaitis J.     Viceno (2006)
Kutavičius B.    Stasys‘ Eight Miniatures
Martinaitis A.    Emmaus
Martinaitis A.  Hetera Esmeralda  piano trio and soprano. MartinaitisA.   Musical offering  piano trio, flute, viola

Narvilaitė L.  When the foot-bridge is gone I will cross the river                                                                               
L.Narvilaitė   The Rain Falls Far from Us  (for piano trio and percussion)
V.Bartulis . Express No.3, or Glinka and Nemirovich-Danchenko on a Train Trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow
Bartulis V.     Songs of the Lasts
Bartulis V.    Songs of Lazarus  piano trio and tape

R.Motiekaitis  Intermezzo.Cinema

Works for piano trio and orchestra:

L.van Beethoven Triple concerto in C major op 56
for violin, cello and piano with orchestra
A.Martinaitis "Arba-arba, arba-arba" Concerto for piano trio and chamber orchestra
B.Martinu  Concertino for piano trio and chamber orchestra

Works for piano trio and choir:

D.Kairaitytė - Musik downstream
V.Germanavičius - Psalm for the unborn (or Returning Home)
A.Martinaitis - Short history lesson for adults
A.Kučinskas - Back to the future

Other Works

Beethoven L. van    Piano trio in D major, op. 7 No. 5
Beethoven L.van    Trio No. 10 in E flat major Op. 44
Piano Trio No.1 in E flat major, op.1 no.1
Trio in D major (after Symphony No. 2)
Trio No.2 in G major, op.1 no. 2
Trio No.3 in C minor, op. 1 no. 3
Trio No.4 in B flat major, op. 11 “ Gassenhauer”
Trio No.5 in D major, op.70 no.1 “Ghost”
Trio No.6 in E flat major, op.70 no.2
Trio No.7 in B flat major, WoO.38
Trio No.8 in one movement in B flat major, WoO 39
Trio No.9 in E flat major WoO.38
Piano Trio No.11 in G major major, op.121a.” 10 Variations on Wenzel Muller’s song
Piano Trio in E flat major, op.38
Triosatz in E flat major
Brahms J.    Piano trio in C major, op. 87
Piano Trio in B major, Op.8
Piano Trio in C minor Op.101
Piano Quartet in G minor, op.25
Piano Quartet in C minor, op.60
Bloch E.    Three Nocturnes
Chick Corea  Addendum
Dvorak A.     Piano trio in E minor, op. 90 Dumki
Piano trio in F minor,op.65
Piano Quartet in E flat major Op.87
Faure G.     Piano trio op. 120
Francaix J.     Piano trio in D major
Gade N.W.   Piano trio in F-major, op.42

Harrison S.      The Bride’s journey in three songs and a memory

Haydn J.     Piano trios: in G major a l’ Ongarese
- No2 in F- scharp major
- No.4 in E - major
- No13 in A – major
- No28 in G- major

B.Martinu       Piano trio Nr.1 - Five Short Pieces
Piano trio Nr.2 in d - minor
Messiaen O.    “Quatour pour la fin du temps” for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Mozart W. A.    Piano trios in G major, KV 564
- in G - major KV 496
- in B - flat major KV 502
- in E - major KV 542
F.Mendelssohn - Trio No.1 in D- minor op.49
No.2 In C- minor op.

Nyman M.   Time will pronounce
Part A.    Mozart – Adagio ( in memoriam Oleg Kagan)
Ravel M.    Piano trio in A minor
Rachmaninov S.  Trio Elegiaque Nr.1, in g - minor
Trio Elegiaque Nr.2, in d - minor, op.9

Saint-Saens C.      Piano trio in F major, op. 18
Schostakovich D.      Piano trio op. 67
Shostakovich D.  Seven romances on poems by Alexander Blok for soprano and piano trio op.127

Schubert F.     Piano trios in B flat- Major, op. 99
Schubert F.                  in E - flat major, op.100
Schubert F.        Notturno  D 897
Schumann R.      Fantasy Pieces op.88
Schumann R.    Piano trios in F major, op. 80
Schumann  R.                       in D - minor op. 63

Takemitsu T.      “Between tides”
Turina Jaquin     Circulo Fantasia for piano, violin and cello
Piano trio Nr.2 in B - minor op.76
Tchaikovsky P.    Piano Trio  in A-minor   "In memory of a Great           Artist" op.50


Brahms J.      Hungarian dances No2,.5,6,8
Glinka M.I      Elegy
Grieg E.         Anitra’s dance
Kreisler F        Miniature Viennese March
Khachaturian A. Adagio
Piazzolla A.    Tango “The Spring”
Pablo de Sarasate   Navarra
Stravinsky I.    Russian dance